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The Boutique Shops at Midland Hotel

Once upon a time. The milonga in Castlemaine.

The shops at The Midland, although few in number, are like many of those in the grand old hotels.
Individual, boutique, personal and inimitable.


Maurocco for Men Boutique

Maurocco for Men Boutique

A shop offering clothing, gifts and dalliances for the extraordinary man.

Maurocco for Men Boutique

annieandmyras Boutique

Annie and Myra's Boutique

A shop for the stylish woman.
"Fashions may change but style is a constant star."


annieandmyras Boutique

Annie and Myra's Boutique

annieandmyras Boutique

The Shop for the opportunists

The Mirage

A shop that shimmers in and out of existence.

And you can purchase a glass of wine or champagne at the Maurocco Bar
to accompany you and keep your shopping on a high,

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The Midland Boutique Shops, 4 Templeton St., Castlemaine Vic. 3450


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