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The Midland Hotel wine bar.
A landmark accommodation hotel.

"Midland Hotel, Castlemaine"

The Photo Tour

" Grand yet unpretentious - Stylish yet homely."

The courtyard

There is a lovely garden courtyard for you to linger.

A palm tree on the bar

and also a quietly run wine bar for loitering in.

The quietly run wine bar

Never a pub, The Midland Hotel has always been
primarily,an accommodation establishment

The foyer - accessible only to guests-

The Art Deco foyer with the statue of "Moderna".

Cocktail lounge

The guest's lounge.

bedroom 22



Cost of the accommodation


The Maurocco Bar


Coming into the Maurocco Bar

Coming into the Maurocco Bar.

Maurocco reflected

Upon Reflection.

Maurocco foyer

The bar foyer

Maurocco lounge

The bar's little lounge with fire.

Maurocco shop

The Mirage

Maurocco bar

Looks like a bar - must be a bar.



Maurocco for Men

(A shop for Men)

Men's fashion shop

"The style is the man himself."


(More photos coming shortly.)

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The Midland Hotel Locator.

The Midland Hotel, 2 Templeton St., Castlemaine Vic. 3450

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