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Castlemaine wine bar.
Our Bar

The Shopping element.
Our shops


A Photo tour

The accommodation Commons

The foyer at first glance.
The foyer at first glance.
At Reception with a welcoming light.
At Reception with a welcoming light.
The Midland, Castlemaine on the upstairs landing.
Foyer upstairs landing.
Guest's lounge.
The guest's lounge.




Bedroom 22
Bedroom 22.
bedroom 19
bedroom 19



The Maurocco Bar

The quietly run wine bar
Maurocco Bar
Maurocco lounge
Maurocco small lounge.
Maurocco bar
Looks like a wine bar.



The Courtyard first
The Courtyard.
The Courtyard second
The Courtyard.
A palm tree on the bar
Our Bar.



The Shops

Shopping for Men
Maurocco for Men.
Shopping for women
Grace and Hussey.
The Mirage



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Where in the world is
Where in the world is
Where in the world is this hotel?

The Midland Accommodation Hotel, 2 Templeton St., Castlemaine 3450

Nearby places within 300m:
The Maurocco Bar, Victorian Goldfields Railway, Railway station, Castlemaine Arts festival office,
Railway Hotel, Castlemaine Art Gallery, Public Inn.


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