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Castlemaine wine bar.
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Boutique Hotel Accommodation


"It iz the perfect setting, mon'ami."



Discover a place to stay that is welcoming, comfortable, authentic, relaxed and unique.

More personal than a motel; too grand for a b&b;
faster than a speeding bullet; and too homely for an hotel or motel;
it is just too hard to put into a category.


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The Midland Accommodation Hotel,

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4.7 Star rating
Google 4.7 star rating from 11 reviews.


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Tripadvisor reviews


agfg listing
Australian Good Food Guide.
Goldfieds Region, Readers Choice Award 2017.


Our Address: 2 Templeton St., Castlemaine, 3450, Australia.

Where in the world is
Map of Castlemaine
"The Midland Hotel"?

Nearby places within 300m:
The Maurocco Bar, Victorian Goldfields Railway, Railway station, Castlemaine Arts festival office,
Railway Hotel, Castlemaine Art Gallery, Public Inn.

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Explore the Castlemaine area here.
Explore the Castlemaine area here.


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Castlemaine steam train.
Stay with us for "Ales on Rails".

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