The Maurocco Bar - Wine Bar and Cocktail Lounge

About UsThe photographic evidence.what's on Friday eveningsopening hours for the wine bar.Accommodation at the Midland Hotel, Castlemaine.
The Maurocco Bar, wine bar in central Castlemaine.

The Castlemaine Wine Bar to share good wine with good friends.

"The most comfortable couches in all of Castlemaine; the perfect spot to relax with a glass of wine.
A cosy, chilled out vibe with soft music being played in the background."

"A casual bar for cocktails, good wine and conversation."

Where in the world
Where in the world is this Wine Bar? The map.
is "The Maurocco Bar"?

"An intriguing place that needs to be explored.
It is where Morocco meets The Phantom."

Maurocco Bar, the wine bar.

"The perfect place for the cocktails."
The cocktail dog

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